About Matt Snodgrass

Matt Snodgrass was diagnosed with a malignant, recurrent brain tumor in 1998 at the age of 9.  During his long 13 year fight he underwent eleven surgeries for removal of the recurring tumor, several oral and intravenous chemo treatments, various methods of radiation and new targeted drug therapies.

Considering how long he dealt with this life threatening disease and all the treatments he endured, Matt did extremely well. He always remained upbeat and tried to golf on a regular basis to stay in good health and be mentally motivated to keep fighting. His story continues to inspire people, young and old, through his positive attitude and optimistic spirit.

This incredible young man, with a smile that could brighten anyone’s day, lost his battle with brain cancer on Tuesday, July 19, 2011.  His  courageous spirit and love for life continues to motivate and inspire all who knew him.  In his memory, The Matt Snodgrass Foundation will continue his vision of helping those young adults still fighting.

“You know, in the end, if you live your life with respect and honor and integrity, that can be a good life. I’ve never felt the need to search for answers beyond that. Be a good person. Respect others. Pretty basic stuff.” – Matt Snodgrass

A Passion for Golf

Golf had been Matt’s passion for more than a decade when his grandfather first started teaching him the game. He got his first set of junior clubs at age 11 from his grandfather and continued to work on his game throughout his short life. He played junior golf with AJGA through high school that taught him more than just the game, it taught him life lessons of character and mental strength that more than once saved his life.

His enthusiasm for the game was highlighted by his Make-A-Wish trip that took his family and a school friend on an eight day trip to Edinburgh and St. Andrews, Scotland where at age 13, he played the Old Course on July 4, 2001. This memory was one that he told over and over and was a dream fulfilled for a young golfer.

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